Thank you for choosing the Brighton Curling Club.

Four easy steps to begin curling. Note, click on the highlighted text to download the application.

1.  If you are 17 years or over please print and complete the 2016-2017 Member Application with 50-50Also, please print the Volunteer Hours document.

2.  If you are under 17 years please print and complete the Junior Application 2016-2017.

3.   Please bring your Application and Chequebook to the Wine & Sign (Registration Night) Tuesday Sept 20th or Wednesday Sept 21st  7pm to 9pm.
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You will be asked to make 2 cheques payable to “The Brighton and District Curling Club” or ” BDCC”  for your Curling Fees and Volunteer Deposit. The volunteer cheque is not required if you enroll for Junior Curling, Casual Curling or Curl just as a Spare.
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4.   Please contact Grace Anderson 613-475-4140 if you are unable to make it to the club for registration.

New to Curling? Here are some useful tips.

Ice level temperature is approximately 5 Celsius/40 degrees F. It’s best to wear a light jacket or fleece over a warm shirt.  Thin flexible gloves are also a great idea. Curling requires a little stretching and you will be more comfortable wearing pants that are loose.m
Headgear. The Club recommends that you wear either a headband or helmet while on the ice.
Clean Shoes.  The ice needs to be clean, debris from dirty shoes can make the rocks behave erratically and cause damage to the ice.  Please bring a separate pair of clean shoes you do not wear outdoors. There is a changing room and lockers downstairs for men and for women.
The Club recommends that you wear grippers on both feet while on the ice, except when delivering a rock.  Do not step onto the ice with your slider.
No food is allowed on the ice.
Sliders, curling brushes and sticks are provided by the Club free of charge.
Please arrive 15 minutes before start time for ice preparations:  put on shoes, warm-ups, shoe taping, etc.
Please leave the scores on the board at the end of each game.
If you have to miss a curling game please get a replacement from the bye team or list of spares posted by the ice entrance & advise your skip.