Your Board of Directors

Brian Brose                 President, Contracts, Premises
Neil Fincham              Vice-President, Leagues Coordinator
Don Godden               Treasurer, Advertising revenue, Bar Liaison, Grants, Premises
Joe Zimny                   Secretary, Membership Recruitment, Bonspiels Coordinator, Club emails, OCA Rep
Grace Anderson         Director, Membership Recruitment, Admin, Volunteering Admin, Facebook
Craig Kerr                    Publicity
Guy Plamondon         Director, Fundraising
Mark Walas                 Municipality rep on Board of Directors

Life Members

Jack Dingle
Bill Dunk
Sherwood Miller
Lee Penney
Stan Shaw

More Significant Contributors

Jim Anderson             Ice Maker
Mike Hilsheimer         Applefest
June Miller                  Bar and Club Rentals
Lee Penney                 Kitchen
Joan Selwood            Newsletters
Jessie Smith              Recruitment, Applefest
Suzanne Wade          Cleaner
Jason Botting             Facebook


League and Bonspiel  Conveners – See Leagues and Bonspiel pages of the Members’ Phone & Info Directory
Sandra Dunk            50th Anniversary
Pam Godden           50th Anniversary
Cindy Kinar              50th Anniversary
Joan Peterson         50th Anniversary
Jessie Smith            50th Anniversary, Membership Recruitment, Applefest
Jerry Trudell             Premises

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Website: Greg Zak