Day Time 1 League Teams & Schedule
Monday  8:45 am  Morning Men’s  Mac Patterson
 10:45 am  Morning Men’s
 1:00 pm  Afternoon Women’s  Mary Gibb
 3:00 pm  ENSS Practice School Teams  Thano Adam
Tuesday  9:00 am  Morning Open  Neil Fincham
 7:00 pm  Tuesday Night Open  Lisa Donovan
Wednesday  9:00 am  Morning 2-Person  Joe Zimny
   3:00 pm  High Schools School Instruction  Thano Adam
 7:00pm  Wed Night Mixed  Ron & Susan Ruffo
Thursday  9:00 am  Morning Open  Bill Graham
 11:00 am  Morning Open
 7:00 pm  Evening Open  Steven Miller
Friday  9:30 am Travel Teams Neil Fincham
   6:15pm  Social Co-Ed Jessie Smith
 8:00pm  Social Co-Ed  Jessie Smith
Sunday  1:00 pm Junior Program Ray, Bryan & Stephen Bruneau


1. Leagues and times may vary due to occasional scheduling conflicts and the number of players and teams.2. Any member is welcome to come out and use the ice.  Practice time is subject to ice availability.

What League Is Right For You?

Monday Morning Men’s – Curlers sign up individually for this league. League convenors draft the teams. All skill levels welcome.

Monday Afternoon Women’s – Fun and fellowship for ladies only! Sign up as an individual and teams will be made up by league convenor. Novice to experienced players.

Monday Night Doubles This is a 2-person team format. Limited sweeping, players alternate skipping one end and delivering 6 rocks the next end. Lots of feedback, mentoring, and learning. Teams change every week. Great way to improve skills in a co-operative atmosphere. Suited for all skill levels.


Tuesday Morning Mixed – A great opportunity to play weekly without commitment.  Teams are drawn by the league convenor at the beginning of each morning.  A new team every week – lots of opportunity to meet new members. Novice to experienced curlers welcome.

Tuesday Night Mixed – Although team entries are preferred, we will make every effort to accommodate individual entries. An enjoyable evening of curling for novice through experienced curlers.


Wednesday Morning Doubles – Same as Monday Night Doubles.

Wednesday Night CoEd – A great night of fun curling in a relaxed atmosphere!   Although individual entries are preferred, we will make every effort to accommodate team entries. All skill levels welcome.  An excellent learning opportunity for novice curlers.


Thursday Morning – Curlers sign up individually for this mixed league. New curlers and curlers of all abilities welcome. Teams are made up by the convener.

Thursday Night Open Competitive – A competitive league. Although team entries are preferred, we will make every effort to accommodate individual entries. Best suited for more experienced curlers.


Friday Social CoEd – Friday evening’s focus is fun on the ice and socializing afterwards. Ideal for novice to experienced curlers.  Individual or team entries – everyone welcome!


Sunday Afternoon Youth Program – Designed for youth aged 8 to 17 of all abilities and experience.  Focus will be on curling skills and game play.  Beginners welcome – no equipment needed other than a clean pair of shoes.


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