League teams and schedules should now be available via the "Members Home" drop-down menus if your convenor has chosen to post them on the website. 10/15

If you haven't done so please add your sparing availability/preferences on the website. Simply go to Members Home - Member Information, "My Sparing Availability" and indicate your preferences. This will allow all members to find you as a spare (Members Home _ "Find a Spare") on their device wherever they are without having to call randomly or come to the club to look at a list on the board! 10/15

To change your personal information, including your password, go to Members Home, "My Information" and click the small "Edit" button. Two or three members have figured out you can add an image to your profile, give it a try! 9/25

Are you looking for team members, or wanting to put a team together for Tuesday night, Wed morning 2-person or Thursday night? You can click on the "Free Agent" listing under the Members Home tab from the main menu. There you can list yourself by league, and/or see others who are looking for a team. 9/26

Did you know that you can download your game schedules to your personal calendar? Go to Members Home - Member Information, "My Teams" and click on "Team Schedule and Results Summary" for any of your leagues. You will see your team and game schedule. You can add any individual game to your calendar, or at the bottom of the schedule the ability to download all games to your calendar. 10/15

Your next five (5) scheduled games now appear on the Member's Home page next to the Club and Member News just under the next three (3) Upcoming Events 10/15