Monday Morning Men's

Curlers sign up individually for this league. League convenors draft the teams. All skill levels welcome.

Monday Afternoon Women's

Fun and fellowship for ladies only! Sign up as an individual and teams will be made up by league convenor. Novice to experienced players.

Monday Evening Adult Learn to Curl Programme and Beginners League

This is an exciting new format for the Club. In the fall you can take an 8-week Adult Learn to Curl Programme which is delivered by our trained instructors. In the ensuing January you can finish off the second of the season by signing-up for the Beginners League or for any of our other league offerings.

Tuesday Morning Open

A great opportunity to play weekly without commitment.  Teams are drawn by the league convenor at the beginning of each morning.  A new team every week – lots of opportunity to meet new members. Novice to experienced curlers welcome.

Tuesday Evening Open

Although team entries are preferred, we will make every effort to accommodate individual entries. An enjoyable evening of curling for novice through experienced curlers.

Wednesday Morning 2-Person

This is a 2-person curling format. Limited sweeping, players alternate between skipping one end and delivering 6 rocks the next end. Due to the number of players, there are 3 start times, also known as draws.

The first and second draws are for set-teams play. 

Draw 3 is a "show-up and play" format, lots of feedback, mentoring, and learning. Teams change every week. Great way to improve skills in a co-operative atmosphere. Suited for all skill levels.


Wednesday Evening Mixed

A great night of fun curling in a relaxed atmosphere!   Although individual entries are preferred, we will make every effort to accommodate team entries. All skill levels welcome.  An excellent learning opportunity for novice curlers.

Thursday Morning Open

Curlers sign up individually for this mixed league. New curlers and curlers of all abilities welcome. Teams are made up by the convener.

Thursday Evening Open Competitive

A competitive league. Although team entries are preferred, we will make every effort to accommodate individual entries. Best suited for more experienced curlers.

Friday Evening Social Open

Friday evening’s focus is fun on the ice and socializing afterwards. Ideal for novice to experienced curlers.  Individual or team entries – everyone welcome!

Sunday Afternoon Juniors Program

Designed for youth aged 8 to 17 of all abilities and experience.  Focus will be on curling skills and game play.  Beginners welcome.

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Upcoming Events

27 Apr 2019;
08:00AM - 02:30PM
Giant Yard Sale
01 Jun 2019;
Swing into Spring Golf Tourney


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Brighton Cup


Lance, Louise 47
Richter, Otto 43
Gilks, Judd 41
Bruneau, Ray 40
Richter, Therese 40
Pardy, Stephen 38
Gaumond, Janice 36
Loshaw, Debbie 36
Sheppard, Don 35
Sheppard, Nancy 35


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Congratulations to Louise Lance for winning our first Brighton Cup! Louise entered every event possible (she couldn’t find a way to participate in the Bill Dunk Senior Men’s) and came 1st once and placed second twice on the way to amassing 47 points. Despite a Closing Bonspiel push by Otto, Judd and other pursuers Louise couldn’t be caught. Thanks to all who competed in the BDCC Spiels.

Have a great summer everyone!